Thursday, May 14, 2020

Vima This Morning

Yesterday I showed you a new app I'm using - Vima.  I used it again on our morning walk.  Today we walked ALMOST every street - trying not to walk a street more than once.  We did not walk Oregon Trail, the new cul-de-sac near the tennis courts, or that STEEP hill behind us up Illinois.  We did the rest and evidently that's a little over three miles.  You'll notice an aberration part way down Illinois where the map then draws a straight line over to New Mexico.  That seems to be the place we stopped and I adjusted the brightness on the phone.  Evidently this causes a pause in the program OR I touched "pause" inadvertently.  I discovered the program was paused (and then pressed "resume") as we started around New Mexico (the other end of the straight line).  Consequently, I don't know if the program included the time and distance of that straight line, but I suspect it did.

I think it's a great little program.

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