Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Catching Up with Some New Posts

It's been several days since an update to the blog, but I've gathered several links that might interest you.  But first a nice photograph suitable for a desktop pix.

I think it is quite nice.  Enjoy on your computer. (Channels 3 and 5) has a nice app and can let you pick your location for "local" news as well as national.  I check it at least once a day.
 Have you ever heard of the game called Frosthaven?  Me either, but it seems to be VERY popular.

 100 Things to do while self-isolating

I found a walking app that works well with my iphone.  I tried it this morning (had an operator error at the beginning of the walk, but corrected the error while on Arizona - time is correct, but distance is a about a half mile short).  I did put the phone asleep at the walk's beginning, so it looks like the actual track is off.  I'll try a different approach tomorrow

It's called Vima. I like it!

I use a reddit app to browse photos - some of which are outstanding.  Here's one.


 Another beautiful picture taken by accident.


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