Saturday, August 17, 2019

Birds and Shed

Throughout the summer we find small triangles of styrofoam after wind storms.  These are foam cutouts placed between the walls of a shed and the roof to keep birds out of the shed.  I'm guessing the inside of a shed is the PERFECT place to build a nest.  During Ti-Build's reconstruction (destruction?) of our park model, these same triangles of foam were placed under our shed roof as well.  The builders promised these pieces of foam would remain in place no matter the wind, because they "know how to install them with glue".    After the first heavy breeze, we found some around our shed.  We knew they couldn't be ours since the builder promised they would be glued in place!  Would you be surprised to know they were from our shed because they did not install them as promised?  We've seen them throughout the park.  Since they are so lightweight, it's impossible to know from whence they came.  We think we have solved the problem at our place.  Maybe you could use this technique if you discover you have the same problem.

This morning we placed the last side of our shed with what you see below.  It's a roll of wire mesh that can be trimmed to size - it should be noted that for some reason, what we cut out as a pattern could not be use for each opening! The sizes vary - at lease in our case.  So after some trimming for each piece, we came up with the solution.  After all the pieces were stapled in place, we placed "trim" over the rough edges.  We hope that a good coat of paint will cause the screen to disappear.  Stay tuned.

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